Adventureland Attractions

Adventureland attractions

Below is a quick overview of each attraction within Adventureland of Magic Kingdom.


Enchanted Tiki Room

  • All ages (No height requirement)
  • 3 minute introduction, 11 minute show
  • Queue is outdoors and covered
  • Recently updated, musical revue featuring singing Audio-Animatronic birds and flowers (and no more Iago!)

Jungle Cruise FastPass+

  • Ages 3+ (No height requirement)
  • 10 minute boat ride
  • Queue is outdoors and covered
  • Boat ride through the Southeast Asian jungle, Nile River, and Amazon River past Audio-Animatronic animals and natives with the comedy styling of your boat skipper

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin FastPass+

  • Ages 3+ (No height requirement)
  • 1.5 minute ride
  • Each carpet accommodates 4 guests at a time
  • Queue is outdoors
  • Ride in a flying carpet and depending on where you sit, you can control the carpet’s movements: front row controls the height, back row controls side-to-side movement

Pirates of the Caribbean FastPass+

  • Ages 6+ May be scary to young kids (No height requirement)
  • 9 minute boat ride
  • Queue is indoors and air-conditioned
  • Slow, dark boat ride featuring raucous pirates (including Captain Jack Sparrow and Barbossa) pillaging and plundering the Caribbean

Swiss Family Treehouse

  • Ages 4+ (No height requirement)
  • Allow 15 – 30 minutes for playtime
  • Walk-thru playground that allows little ones to explore; themed after the Swiss Family Robinson


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