Mouse Monday Magical Seven – Attractions at Magic Kingdom

Welcome to Mouse Monday Magical Seven! This week, I will take a look at my top 7 favorite attractions at the Magic Kingdom, and let me tell you, it was pretty difficult to narrow this list down to just 7!! I hope you enjoy, and please comment on your favorite attractions at the Magic Kingdom!

Pirates of the Caribbean #itallstartedwithamouse

1. Pirates of the Caribbean

I love Pirates of the Caribbean for a multitude of reasons. I love the pirate audio-animatronics in this attraction and all the fun different show scenes you float through (“We wants the redhead!”). Also, I enjoy all the appearances of Captain Jack Sparrow throughout the attraction. And I bet you can’t go through that attraction and not sing “Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho A Pirate’s Life for Me.”

The Haunted Mansion #itallstartedwithamouse

2. The Haunted Mansion

Welcome foolish mortals to one of my all-time favorite attractions at Disney World! This not-so-scary haunted mansion has some spooky ghosts, some dancing ghosts, and some funny ghosts. Plus there is always room for one more! Remember to bring your death certificate.

3. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

How could any list of attractions at Magic Kingdom be complete without including Seven Dwarfs Mine Train?!? Opening in 2014, this family-friendly coaster is a fun mix of thrill ride and dark ride. I love the interactive queue (for when you can’t get a FastPass+), the smooth ride of the swinging car, and the dwarfs singing “Heigh-Ho.”

Peoplemover #itallstartedwithamouse

4. Peoplemover

Seriously, the Peoplemover? Okay, hear me out on this one. There is almost never a long wait time for the Peoplemover, you can usually just walk right up and hop into a car. On this 12 minute long tour of Tomorrowland, you get to see the model of Progress City, the inside of Space Mountain, zoom around the Carousel of Progress, check out Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, and see inside Mickey’s Star Traders. It’s a great way to get off your feet for a little while and enjoy the cool breeze as you zoom around Tomorrowland. I almost forgot – you can get some really cool photos of Space Mountain and Cinderella’s Castle from the Peoplemover. Plus, it’s a pretty cool place to see the Main Street Electrical Parade from (while it’s still running at Magic Kingdom).

Peter Pan's Flight #itallstartedwithamouse

5. Peter Pan’s Flight

Another classic Disney attraction! If you didn’t get a FastPass+ for this one either, there is a new, fun interactive queue for Peter Pan’s Flight. The attraction itself has you soaring over London into Neverland with Peter Pan, Wendy, and Tink! Watch out for Captain Hook! I love this attraction because you get to glide over the show scenes in your own flying ship!

Jungle Cruise #itallstartedwithamouse

6. Jungle Cruise

Who doesn’t love the corny jokes and terrible puns of the Jungle Cruise skippers? Jungle Cruise is one of my favorites for that very reason. You get to embark on a river cruise through some of the world’s most famous rivers and see the indigenous animals and people getting up to some silly high-jinks!

The Mountains of Magic Kingdom #itallstartedwithamouse

7. The Mountains – Space, Splash, Big Thunder

It’s not cheating!! Okay, maybe a little, but I make the rules! On any visit to Magic Kingdom, we always have to hit the big three mountains. I love Space Mountain because of the twists and turns and dips in the dark! You never know where you will end up, and that’s a huge part of the fun! Plus, Space Mountain has one of my favorite interactive queues, those video games are pretty fun!! Splash Mountain is the perfect ride on a warm Florida day. It’s a long ride, so you have a good opportunity to sit back and relax, plus you get pretty wet, so that should help to cool you down!! Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is my favorite out of the three because it’s quick, it’s fun, and it’s full of sharp turns and quick drops.

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