Mouse Monday Magical Seven – Pop Century Resort

Mouse Monday Pop Century


Welcome to this week’s edition of Mouse Monday! This week, we will be looking over seven awesome things about Disney’s Pop Century Resort!


1. Resort Theming and Atmosphere

One of the most notable things about Pop Century Resort is the theming! Each section is broken down into decades, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, each with its own unique theming. My personal favorite is the 70’s because there is a giant Mickey phone, Big Wheel and Foosball game! I would highly recommend a stroll around the resort to check it out, whether you are staying there or not! The theming works for all ages – whether you’re traveling with small childern (who doesn’t love a giant Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head??) or with grandparents, there is something everyone can enjoy at Pop Century. Another fun aspect of Pop Century is the atmosphere! Don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes since there are dance parties in the Classic Hall (Pop Century’s lobby) at 8am to “The Twist” and 6pm to “The Hustle.”



2. Everything Pop Shopping and Dining

Open from 6 am until midnight, Everything Pop Shopping and Dining is Pop Century’s food court and gift shop. There are 7 different stations inside the food court including: Grab-N-Go Market, pizza, pasta, grill shop, ethnic cuisine, sandwich and salads, and healthy choices. Everything Pop is where you will find some unusual menu choices, such as the Tie Dye Cheesecake, Mom’s Night Out TV Tray dinners, or the Elvis tribute cupcake, the “King Cupcake” (Chocolate cupcake, banana custard filling, peanut butter frosting, candied bacon, and a chocolate drizzle. Yum?). Check out the full menu here. The gift shop has your standard Disney merchandise fare, but also has a couple unique Pop Century items that are worth checking out. It is definitely a great place to stop by before you leave and grab any last minute souvenirs!



3. The Pools – Hippy Dippy Pool and the Quiet Pools

Hippy Dippy Pool is the main pool at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. It is located behind the lobby in the 60’s decade area. They have a lifeguard on duty, and there are fun daily activities that happen at the pool. Be sure to grab a Time Guide when you check in to see what is happening that week! There are also 2 other pools at Pop Century, the Computer Pool in the 90’s section and the Bowling Pool in the 50’s Section. Both also have a life guard on duty starting at 10am. Pool hours are 7am – midnight.



4. Hourglass Lake and Memory Lane

Pop Century sits next to the beautiful Hourglass Lake. Take a stroll down Memory Lane, where you can enjoy the nostalgia as you pass by signs featuring important events in history from the 1950s-1990s. In the mood for a run? The New Balance Running Trail is a 1.38 mile loop around Hourglass Lake which will take you down Memory Lane at Pop Century, around the lake to Art of Animation, and back again.



5. Petals Pool Bar

Located next to the Hippy Dippy Pool, Petals Pool Bar is a great place to grab a refreshment on a warm day! They offer a wide selection of adult beverages, including specialty cocktails, beer, and wine. They also have a selection of non-alcoholic beverages including smoothies. They have a small covered bar area, as well as tables with umbrellas where you can relax and enjoy a drink! Check out the full menu here.



6. Dedicated Buses

Pop Century has their own buses to and from the theme parks. This is a huge advantage to staying at Pop Century over staying at the All-Star resorts. The 3 All-Star resorts all share buses, so it is possible on a busy day that there could only be standing room on the bus if you are staying at the last resort on the stop. Or there are more people waiting for the bus at the end of a long day, so you might have to wait through a few different loads of people leaving before you can get on a bus. This can make paying a few extra dollars per night a bit more appealing because it can save you time and stress on your vacation!


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7. Great Value

Pop Century is truly a great value if you are looking to save money but still stay within the Disney bubble. The room prices are fairly reasonable and it does offer a few perks over the other value resorts. Pop Century is, however, a large resort, so if you want to stay closer to the lobby and bus stops, it might be worth it to get a preferred room. We have also found that when we are going down for long trips (8-10 nights), we like the money savings we get from staying at Pop Century. That usually translates into an extra day at the parks, a signature meal, or even just getting that one extra night!


For more information about Pop Century, visit our Pop Century Overview

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