Tomorrowland Attractions

Tomorrowland attractions

Below is a quick overview of each attraction in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom.


Astro Orbiter

  • Ages 5+ (No height requirement)
  • 1.5 minute ride
  • Rockets fit 2 riders only
  • Queue is outdoors and covered
  • You can control the heights that your rocket climbs – be warned, it is faster than Aladdin and Dumbo, so if you have motion sickness, it may be best to sit this one out

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin FastPass+

  • Ages 2+ (No height requirement)
  • 4 minute game ride
  • Vehicle fits 2 adults and 1 child – only has 2 guns though
  • Queue is partly outdoors, mostly indoors and air-conditioned
  • Climb aboard and aim at the targets to accumulate points in the galactic battle against Zurg

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

  • Ages 6+ (No height requirement)
  • 22 minute show
  • Queue is outdoors and covered
  • This classic Disney attraction, modeled after the original created for the Worlds Fair, features Audio-Animatronics and 4 scenes, each set approximately 20 years apart showcasing our technological progress.
  • Tip: This air-conditioned show is a great way to get off your feet and cool off

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor FastPass+

  • All ages (No height requirement)
  • 12 minute show
  • Queue is indoors and air-conditioned
  • Warning: Monster and human interaction! The amazing technology that allows us to communicate with Crush, the Sea Turtle, also allows the Monsters of Monstropolis to put on a comedy show to collect laughter to power their city.

Space Mountain FastPass+

  • Ages 8+ (44″ height requirement)
  • 2.5 minute roller coaster
  • 1 person per row, 3 people per car, 6 people per train
  • Interactive queue is indoors and air conditioned
  • While you never go faster than 28mph, it seems so much faster in the dark and with all the sudden twists, turns and drops
  • Blast off into space and enjoy this fun outer-space journey

Stitch’s Great Escape

  • Ages 7+ (40″ height requirement)
  • 12 minute show
  • Queue is outdoors and covered
  • Stitch has escaped and is running amok! Show may be scary to younger children or anyone who does not enjoy being physically restrained in an enclosed area with air blowing down your neck

Tomorrowland Speedway FastPass+

  • Ages 4+ (32″ to ride, 52″ to drive)
  • 4 minute car ride
  • Queue is outdoors and covered
  • Give your kids the opportunity to drive their first car at the break-neck speeds of 7mph – careful, cars can bump you and it can be pretty jarring

Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover

  • All ages (No height requirement)
  • 12 minute ride
  • Queue is outdoors and covered (if there is a line at all)
  • Glide along above Tomorrowland and enjoy this relaxing ride that weaves in and out of other attractions and affords some amazing views of Cinderella’s Castle and the other Tomorrowland attractions


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