Victoria and Albert’s Menu

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Disney Dining Plan: 1 Credit on Platinum Dining

Tables in Wonderland: Not Available


First Course



Second Course Selections

Colorado Bison with Black Radish Slaw and Kumquats

Galilee Osetra Caviar (½ oz.) – $105.00

With Traditional Garnishes

Galilee Osetra Caviar (1 oz.) – $210.00

With Traditional Garnishes

Poussin with Marble Potatoes and Balsamic Froth


Third Course Selections

Masago-Crusted Maine Scallop

With Coconut-Curry Broth

Virginia Black Bass with “Claw Chowder”

Wild Turbot – $35.00

With Toasted Capers and Preserved Lemon


Fourth Course Selections

Berkshire Pork with Cabbage Tart and Brussels Sprouts

Quail with Cardamom and Sunchokes


Fifth Course Selections

Australian Kobe-Style Beef Tenderloin – $35.00

With Potato Turnip Gratin

Australian Kobe-Style Beef Tenderloin – $110.00

Onion Ash-Crusted Niman Ranch Lamb

With Belly and Baby Beets

Roasted Duck

With Fennel and Leeks, “A l’Orange”

Veal with Black Truffles and Sauce Périgord


Sixth Course Selections

Roasted White Chocolate Gelato

With Asian Pear

Selection of Cheese

Gouda Reypenaer, Point Reyes Toma, Wyngaard Chèvre Affiné, and Colston Bassett Stilton


Dessert Selections

Caramelized Banana Gâteau

Grand Marnier Soufflé

Hawaiian Kona Chocolate Soufflé

Peach Quark Mousse

Tanzanian Chocolate Timbale

With Orange-Scented Milk Chocolate Gelato

Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée



“Celebes” Coffee, Tea, and Friandises

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