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Gelato and Sorbetto

Cono (Cone) – $6.75

Choice of flavored Gelato or Fresh Fruit Sorbetto

Piccola Coppetta (Cup) – $5.00

Choice of flavored Gelato or Fresh Fruit Sorbetto

Media Coppetta (Cup) – $6.00

Choice of flavored Gelato or Fresh Fruit Sorbetto

Grande Coppetta (Cup) – $7.00

Choice of flavored Gelato or Fresh Fruit Sorbetto


Gelato Flavors – Selections May Vary


A special brandied Italian Sweet Cherry


Rich mixture of Chocolate and Hazelnut pieces


Burro D’Arachidi

Smooth Peanut Butter Base with Peanut Chunks

Caramello Salato

Handmade Salted Caramel


Imported Italian Chocolate


Freshly shredded Coconut


Fresh Cream Custard Gelato


Italian Piemonte Hazelnuts


Sicilian Bronte Pistachio


Italian Arborio Rice Pudding


Crema Base with chunks of Italian Dark Chocolate


Sorbetto Flavors – Selections May Vary




Fresh Florida Oranges







House Specials

Cialda Ripiena – Build Your Own Waffle Bowl – $9.75

Your choice of up to three Flavors of Gelato or Sorbetto, topped with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Sauce

Cialda Ripiena – Vivoli Banana Split – $9.75

Firenze’s version of a Banana Split starts with scoops of rich Chocolate and Banana Gelato, then it is layered with sliced Bananas, and topped off with fresh Whipped Cream and a Dark Chocolate Cigarillo Roll. A unique Italian twist on an American Classic!


Gelato and Sorbet Floats and Milk Shakes

Frizzante e Frappé – Affogato – $9.75

The “secret” Italian tradition has yet to catch on in America, but that will soon change. It starts with two scoops of Crema Gelato hollowed out, then a shot of fresh Espresso is added to the center and it begins to mix and meld the flavors into a rich, ever changing mixture of bitter and sweet, and hot and cold!

Frizzante e Frappé – Coppa Piero – $9.75

Piero Vivoli’s secret recipe he made for himself as a treat starts with a rich base of Crema Gelato, then an addition of Milk and Whipped Cream fills the glass, only to be topped by a layer of Cocoa Nibs and a fresh Biscotto to finish it off

Frizzante e Frappé – Fresco – $9.75

A tall, crisp refreshing Sorbetti Float begins with layers of Fragola and Limone Sorbetti, where it is quickly covered in a sparkling Italian Limonata Soda and then topped off with fresh Whipped Cream for the ultimate treat!

Frizzante e Frappé – Tropicale – $9.75

What better way to celebrate the meeting of Italy’s rich Gelato heritage and Florida’s tropical weather. Pineapple Sorbet and Coconut Gelato start this Frizzante off with bursts of flavor, then the glass is filled with a special Italian Citrus Soda called Gazzosa, then layers of chopped Pineapple and a Cherry finish created the ultimate frozen Citrus Treat!

Frizzante e Frappé – Vivoli Frappé – $9.75

Vivoli’s Milkshake program lets you take a Gelato to a new level. Begin by picking your flavors of Gelato, up to three, we then add Milk, mix, and top off with Whipped Cream. Ask your Gelato Scooper for their favorite combinations!



Biscotti Assortiti – $5.00

An assortment of six traditional Italian Cookies, perfect for dipping in your Espressso, or you can use them as a Scarpetta (little shoe) in your Gelato to scrape up any remaining tasty bits!

Tortine – $4.00

A daily selection of freshly baked Tarts made from Pasta Frolla (sweet pastry dough). Then each Tortina (tart) is hand filled with seasonally selected flavors ranging form fresh Fruit to Chocolate Crema



American Coffee – $3.00

Caffe Latte – $5.00

Cappuccino – $5.00

Decaf – $2.75

Doppio – $4.00

Espresso – $2.75

Espresso with Milk – $3.00



Assorted Bottled Beverages – $3.00

Dasani Bottled Water – $3.00

Iced Tea – $3.00

Lemon or Peach

Italian Soda – $3.00

Limonata, Aranciata, Aranciata Rossa

San Benedetto Water – $3.00

Still or Sparkling

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